If you are interested in study Chemistry in the University of Vigo, in the following link you can find information on the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry.

In addition, doors of the Faculty of Chemistry are always open for any prospective student interested in learning Chemistry. One of the main activities in the Promotion Programme of the Faculty of Chemistry are the visits performed by Secondary School students to our Faculty. In these visits students attend to a short presentation on the Bachelor’s Degrees studies and, after, they visit different laboratories in the Faculty where they are offered different experiences to awake their interest in Chemistry.

The Faculty of Chemistry also participates in the teaching of Guidance Lectures and Divulgative Talks aimed at Secondary School students in order to increase interest in sciences and, in particular, Chemistry, as well as informing about the educational offer of the centre and making our Faculty known for different sectors of education and society.

If you have any question or if you want to contact us you can use the contact form.