The Faculty of Chemistry regularly organises activities for students in the last years of Secondary School and Baccalaureate.

These activities are part of the Faculty Promotion Programme, designed to inform about the centre educational offer and to make our centre better known in the different sectors of education and society.

One of the main goals of this Promotion Programme is to offer direct information to possible students on the features of the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, the Faculty of Chemistry and the University of Vigo. It is also intended to contribute to the general promotion of Chemistry among the Secondary School students and establish communication channels between Chemistry teaching staff from all the education levels who can contribute to the action coordination in order to achieve a better understanding of the subject.


Visits to the Faculty of Chemistry

One of the main activities in our Promotion Programme are the visits performed by Secondary School students to the Faculty of Chemistry. In these visits they attend to a short presentation on the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and, after, they visit different laboratories in the Faculty where they are offered different experiences to awake their interest in Chemistry. The duration and timing of these visits change, and it is established depending on the schedule availability of the faculty and visiting centres’ staff.

These are the ways for Secondary Schools to request this visits to the Faculty of Chemistry:



Guidance Lectures and Divulgative Talks

A second part of the Faculty of Chemistry promotion activities are the Guidance Lectures taught by the teaching staff of the Faculty on the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry aimed to prospective university students and Divulgative Talks on general aspects of Chemistry in the Secondary Schools of its surroundings in order to raise the interest on sciences and, in particular, on Chemistry.

Those Secondary Schools interested in hosting these talks can contact through the Section of Information for Students (SIE) of the University of Vigo.