Academic year 2020/2021

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry

Coordination Officer
Academic Coordination Angeles Peña Gallego
1st year Pedro Besada Pereira
2nd year Manuel Martínez Piñeiro
3rd year Sonia Losada Barreiro
4th year Paulo Pérez Lourido


Master’s Degrees

Coordination Officer
Master’s Degree in Science and Technology of Conservation of Fishing Products María Asunción Longo González
Master’s Degree in Chemical Investigation Research and Industrial Chemistry María del Carmen Terán Moldes
Master’s Degree in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling Jose Manuel Hermida Ramón


PhD Programmes

Coordination Officer
PhD Programme in Food Science and Technology Ezequiel Manuel Vázquez López
PhD Programme in Colloid and Interface Science and Technology Juan Pablo Hervés Beloso
PhD Programme in Nanomedicine Isabel Pastoriza Santos
PhD Programme in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling Marcos Mandado Alonso