Following the regulations on the curricular internships of the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, in order to perform the curricular external internships students must meet the following requirements:

  • To be enrolled in the corresponding subject of the current study plan of the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry.
  • To have passed at least 165 credits from the study plan when enter into the internship.
  • To have an agreement with the collaborating entity where performing the internships following the established in the article 5 of the Faculty of Chemistry regulation.

The procedure to develop external internships as well as to recognise extracurricular internships is gathered in detail in the External internships regulation for the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry.

Information of interest

The faculty encourages students in the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry to lead the way by getting in contact with the companies in which they want to perform internships and to aim as candidates. When choosing companies following their preferences, students will be more motivated during the internship performance.

The procedure for students to propose their own internships is the following:

The student must chose a company to perform their internships following their preferences, for example, taking into account the sector of the chemical industry to which the company belongs or its location.

In the following link you can find an guiding list of companies in the different areas which can facilitate the search of companies where perform the internships:

Short list of companies in the chemical area

The following link takes to a search engine of the current agreements between the University of Vigo and companies and/or institutions to perform the internships:

Agreements search engine

If any student is interested in a company or location which is not in this list, a detailed catalogue of companies in the field of Chemistry in Galicia classified by activity and location is available in the Dean Office of the Faculty.

Students must prepare their CV and write a cover letter specially targeted to the chosen company. To prepare this documentation, students can consult the Employment and Entrepreneurship Area of the University of Vigo, which is the job orientation service of the University, where they can find the necessary support on these tasks and counselling on any doubt.

On the following links you can find indicative templates of CV and of cover letters as well as some general recommendations to write them given by EURES, the European portal for professional mobility:

Students must contact the human resources service of the chosen company to communicate their interest in perform an internship and to submit the CV and the cover letter. Here is also convenient to request an interview with the human resources responsible. If necessary, they can request help from the Dean Office of the Faculty to contact the company.

If necessary, once the student has been admitted in a company for which there was no agreement with the University, he or she should contact the Dean Office of the Faculty to perform the necessary procedures to do the internships in the chosen company.