Students from the UVigo talk about the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry: video 1 | video 2 | video

Chemistry is one of the more relevant sciences. World as we know won’t be so without the Chemistry’s contribution: the materials of every type (polymers, plastics, paper, paintings, alloys, etc.), pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products, soaps and detergents, pesticides, fertilisers, fuels and solvents, couldn’t exists without the work of chemists.

Critical activities for our daily life, like pollutants and toxins control or the study of living beings reactions, are based in chemistry.


  • To provide students with a solid and balanced base on chemical knowledges and practical skills.
  • To develop in students the skills to apply their theoretical and practical chemical knowledges to the problem solutions in Chemistry.
  • To provide students with a knowledge and skills base for employability in specialised areas in Chemistry or in multidisciplinary areas.

Career opportunities

  • Municipal and provincial chemists.
  • Institutes of hygiene chemists.
  • Dating studies.
  • Chemists in State, Provincial or Municipal organisms, monopolies and companies depending, even indirectly, of the state, which require this specific function.
  • Chemists in private companies.
  • Chemists in official laboratories.
  • Secondary education, University and Research.

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