If you are a student planning to participate in an exchange programme and you want to take courses at the Faculty of Chemistry, here you can find academic information

General information about accommodation, academic documents, or Spanish courses you should visit the webpage of the Incoming students at the University of Vigo.

How to apply

If you have decided that the Faculty of Chemistry is the place for your exchange, please check if your university has already established an agreement for students exchange with our University and then contact our International Relations Office or the Coordinator at the Faculty of Chemistry for foreign students:

Mobility coordinator

Manuel Martínez Piñeiro
+34 986 813 481



You must ensure the coherence with your home university studies. Select courses that complement those at home and seek the pedagogical assistance from your ERASMUS or mobility coordinator to design your learning agreement.

The Faculty of Chemistry offers the next studies:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of the Chemistry bachelor’s degree, following the framework of the European Higher Education Area (see detailed information on subjects in each year).
  • Master in Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Research
  • Master in Theoretical Chemistry and Molecular Modelling
  • Master in Science and Technology of Fishing Product Preservation


Academic calendar

Academic calendar at the University of Vigo
Academic calendar at the Faculty of Chemistry
Detailed timetables at the Chemistry Degree



In this Faculty we offer Chemistry studies.

As you enter the Chemistry building, look for the Dean Office (Decanato), it is placed on the first floor, and ask for the Vice-Dean for International Relations of the Chemistry Faculty.

In order to find your classroom you must know that students are divided into groups for some of the lectures (seminars and laboratory teaching) of each course. A list with the names of the students that belong to each group will be placed on the web site.

Once you have found what group you belong to, check the Class Timetable.

If your courses (subjects) overlap, you may ask for a group change.

For further information, please contact the Coordinator for foreign students:
Manuel Martínez Piñeiro
+34 986 813 481

Students may choose any of the subjects offered in our faculty. You are advised to contact your coordinator at your home university for orientation or a suitable study plan. In the web site of the Faculty of Chemistry under the heading “Incoming Students” we offer a description of all subjects (Note: Some courses are taught in first semester, second semester or on an annual basis). You will also find in the web site of the Faculty of Chemistry all relevant information about timetables and exam dates. You must bear in mind this information when choosing your subjects.

It is also possible to follow any course at any faculty in the University of Vigo: Biology, Languages, Sea Studies, etc. You will need to contact your home coordinator and organize your schedule. Registration for courses in other faculties may also be carried out in our faculty.

The Languages Center offers students linguistic and cultural subjects in both Spanish and Galician.

As soon as you have chosen your course and subjects you must then register them. Note that there is a deadline for this: beginning of December (first term) and middle of April (second term).

You can register your subjects (even those from other faculties) at our Students Administrative Office (Negociado de Alumnos).

The Coordinator must authorize any modification to your list of subjects after they have been registered.

At the Faculty we have exams in January and May and students will have another opportunity to sit the exams in July, if unsuccessful. If you do not pass an exam in January or May you are allowed to re-sit an exam either on the official date or before you leave Vigo (in agreement with the professor).

Our Faculty applies a policy of equal academic exigencies for all students. All foreign universities have been notified of this policy. Foreign students will experience the same privileges as our national students, regarding exams, essays, attendance, tutorials, etc. Therefore, students will require taking into account from the very beginning that their exchange student condition will not give them a preferential academic consideration. Lecturers will not take into account the linguistic/grammar and spelling mistakes that foreign students could make in exams or essays.

Most subjects are taught in Spanish; however, some professors may choose to teach the subject in English. In Galicia we have two official languages, Spanish and Galician, so students may find some subjects lectured in Galician also. If the students find it difficult they can also choose an alternative subject given in Spanish (students may first inquire their home coordinator).

At the end of the course, the ORI will send a transcript of results to the students’ postal address. They must not ask lecturers for individual transcripts of each subject or require them to fill in forms from their home universities.

In general, students are entitled to all the services offered by the faculty during their course study: library, computer room and internet/Wifi, sport services, etc. Please see Faculty Facilities.