The academic external internships are an educational activity performed by the students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry in entities external to the university.

The objective is to complement and apply knowledges acquired during the theoretical-practical education in real work contexts through the contact with professionals in the chemical sector and to promote the acquisition of competences preparing for the professional exercise and facilitating their future incorporation to the labour market.
The academic external internships can be of two type:

  • Curricular external internships: these are an academic activity configured as an optional subject of 6 ECTS credits in the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry study plan offered on the second term of the last year.
  • Extracurricular external internships: these are voluntary internships which can be performed during the education period, and that even though fulfil the same purpose than the curricular internships, they are not part of the corresponding study plan. However, this type of internship in reflected in the Diploma Supplement, according to the current legislation.


The applicable regulations for the external internships of the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry are the following:


The necessary documentation for performing an external internships are:

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